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DRB Geological Consulting offers a number of field courses in the Appalachian Basin designed to understand subsurface unconventional reservoirs through an interactive discourse at the outcrop.

Participants will gain hands-on understanding of the stratigraphy, sedimentology, depositional environment, and structural history of organic-rich mudstones. These properties are discussed to better understand subsurface exploration and production, reservoir architecture, production mechanisms, distribution of hydrocarbons, and rock interactions with the drilling, completion, and production process.

Field course attendees can include operations, development, and exploration geologists, petrophysicists, reservoir, and completion engineers. Field courses are fully customizable to fit the needs of the clients, including the combination of field courses, course length, and subject matter focus.

  • Randy Blood

The Upper Devonian Cleveland Black Shale: A Surface Laboratory for Understanding the Subsurface: FC3

This one-day field course takes attendees to spectacular outcrops of the Upper Devonian Cleveland Shale and associated strata in the greater Cleveland Metro Area of Ohio.

The field course is designed to bring both geologists and engineers together.

We will discuss various subsurface concepts that are often difficult to observe in subsurface data and cryptic in pristine, unweathered cores. Such topics include wellbore stability, natural and induced fracturing, and vertical and spatial changes in stratigraphy and attendant reservoir quality over short distances. 


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