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These are some of the businesses and individuals I work with and trust.

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Founded in 2019 by Scott McCallum, McCallum Petrophysics and Data Analytics (MPDA) delivers quantitative solutions to oil and gas industry problems with full transparency of workflows and code development. Problems are approached with a blending of geoscience, petrophysics, and data analytics.

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Compass Geologic is composed of a team of two highly experienced petroleum geologists with a combined experience of over 20 years working for multiple large operators including EQT and Talisman Energy as well as vendor experience via multiple well known providers. They offer all necessary aspects of geologic work necessary to plan, drill, and complete the most productive wells possible from a geologic standpoint including: Geosteering, Operations, Development and Technical Analysis.

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Billman Geologic Consultants was founded over 20 years ago and serves a wide variety of clients including E&P operators, accountants, lawyers, and private land owners. Dan Billman is widely recognized in the oil and gas community and has extensive experience in both exploration for and development of oil and natural gas.

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We are based in Colorado, USA with offices in Westminster and Ouray. Our strategic locations allow close access to the USGS national core repository in Lakewood, fantastic outcrops in the Front Range and Wyoming, and the Book Cliffs of Utah.

Proximity to the field allows us to provide affordable, high-quality field trips to oil and gas professionals and students alike. Unlike many of our competitors we dont have to fly our instructor from the UK or Houston to Colorado. Our field office is located in picturesque Ouray, and it takes us less than two hours to get to the world-famous Book Cliffs.

Our mission is not to be the largest consulting firm, but to be your training and service provider of choice.

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