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At DRB Geological Consulting, we offer a variety of services for prospect generation, petrophysics, geochemistry and much more. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to design a customized program that addresses your specific needs.


Prospect evaluation and generation

  • Behind pipe reserve evaluation

  • Shallow tight sands – oil/gas

  • Unconventionals


  • Stress analysis from multi-arm caliper

  • Reservoir architecture and composition

  • Thermal maturity

  • TOC

  • Mineralogy

  • Fluid phase and saturations

  • Hydrocarbon-in-place (oil, condensate, gas)

  • Rock mechanics (Poisson’s Ratio, Young’s Modulus)


  • Organic geochemistry

    • Interpretation of TOC/Programmed Pyrolysis data

    • Thermal maturity indicators (vitrinite reflectance, Raman, BTU, RockEval)

    • Gas composition, mud gas composition, gas isotopes

  • Inorganic geochemistry

    • Interpretation of elemental data (XRF, FTIR, LIBS, ICP)

    • Chemostratigraphy

    • Chemosteering

    • Bulk rock isotopes

Geologic Mapping

  • Isopach, net and gross

    • Both reservoir and non-reservoir units

  • Petrophysical Properties

    • Major mineral occurrence (quartz, carbonate, clay, TOC)

    • Hydrocarbon-in-place (Total, free, adsorbed, average)

  • Organic Geochemistry

    • TOC/Programmed pyrolysis (S1, S2, PI, OSI)

    • Thermal maturity (vitrinite reflectance, BTU, Raman, Rock Eval)

    • Gas isotopes

  • Inorganic Geochemistry

    • Elemental data

    • Bulk rock isotopes

  • Sequence Stratigraphic packages

Image Analysis

  • Quantification of SEM image

    • TOC

    • Transformation ratio

    • Porosity and pore size distribution

  • Analysis of thin section images

Engineering Support

  • Rock mechanics

  • Stress orientations

  • Wellbore stability